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Kristen G., President

Career Coaching & Development Specialist

Recognized throughout her career as a visionary leader, Kristen realized the need to provide individualized Career Services and solutions to others. While leveraging her expertise in leadership and career development, Kristen set out to gather the country’s best Writers and Career Coaches to help others evolve in their career. As a known strategist who transforms plans into workable solutions, she leveraged her experience working in the corporate world and created a business where effectiveness, efficiency, and client satisfaction were pivotal measurements for success. With her experience in customer-oriented environments, Kristen has a proven track-record of delivering optimal results in high-growth environments. Prior to the creation of Evolution Coaching, Kristen spent several years writing and facilitating leadership development curriculum for Fortune 100 companies. She has received several awards and honors for her leadership and the development of others. Of these awards and honors, she is most proud of recently accepting an invitation to speak at The White House on behalf of other small business owners.

Stefanie S., Vice President

Career Advocate; Business Development Expert

Stefanie is the Vice President of Evolution Coaching. She applies her expertise in sales and service to spearhead large-scale projects, develop high-growth strategies, and form relationships with businesses and individuals alike. Prior to joining our team, she supported quality operations of a Fortune 20 company. The opportunity to flourish at Evolution Coaching has allowed her to accomplish the dream of creating positive impacts in people’s lives. As an expert career strategist, she coaches clients on how to present effectively as the candidate of choice. Helping clients achieve career goals is her greatest passion.

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Ashley E., Client Services Manager

Career Advocate; Brand Ambassador; Client Relations Specialist

Ashley provides exceptional service to job seekers in need of a professionally-written Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, Salary Negotiation Letter, Thank-You Letter, Personal Website, Career Coaching, etc. She helps clients who are seeking career services and is responsible for building the brand and online presence of Evolution Coaching. She is a valued member of the team, creating, implementing, and evaluating business development, sales, marketing, and partnership outreach. She specializes in helping clients focus on their careers by aligning them with the best service solutions and managing projects from start to finish.

Paula W., Sales Manager

Career Advocate; Brand Ambassador; Client Relations Specialist

Victoria A. Bio Image
Victoria A. Bio Image

Nate G., Sales Manager

Career Advocate; Brand Ambassador; Client Relations Specialist


Certified Professional Resume Writer; Certified Career Management Coach; Certified Public Relations Specialist; Career Coach

Karen offers 25 years of expertise in writing cutting-edge, achievement-oriented resumes that have contributed to the success of thousands of job seekers ranging from students to executives across 40+ industries. As a multifaceted writer, she continuously challenges herself to craft compelling “career success stories” in the form of resumes, CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and professional bios that sell her clients in a competitive job market. She has conducted outplacement training for numerous companies nationwide, helping displaced workers seamlessly transition back into the workforce, while calming their fears and helping boost their confidence. She has presented at numerous colleges and professional organizations on career-related topics.

Karen holds credentials as a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), and Certified Public Relations Specialist (CPRS). These certifications are invaluable to Karen in making sure her clients receive “the best” in career management, including resume writing and coaching in areas of identifying and aligning career options with talents and interests, developing and implementing successful job search strategies, and preparing and navigating through the interview process.

In addition to her industry credentials, Karen holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration / Human Resources and has completed several writing and marketing programs through Duke University, American Writers & Artists, Inc., and other organizations. She writes articles and e-books that are instrumental in the success of job seekers, and samples of her resume work have been featured in several industry publications. Karen resides in southcentral Virginia with her husband and enjoys various hobbies such as making jewelry, reading, quilting, scrapbooking, and cooking.

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Jay K., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer; Career Coach

Jay is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Strategist, having helped hundreds of clients identify career goals and ultimately create an effective Resume, Cover Letter and/or LinkedIn Profile to achieve success. Jay believes, “You Are Your Brand,” and your presentation is the handshake that introduces you to the world.

Jay earned his Master’s degree in Education, teaches Career and Professional Development classes at Universities across the country, and is a Career Consultant who advises candidates on career planning, etiquette, and techniques to overcome interview jitters and stand out amongst the competition.

Jay has a niche and expertise in Engineering, Information Technology and Network Communications and has partnered with employers all around the United States to match the right candidate with the best career opportunity.

Ashley B., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer; Career Coach

Ashley is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with over six years of experience creating relevant, high-impact resumes and cover letters that help to tell each client’s unique story. Since earning her certification in 2012, Ashley has written hundreds of resumes for clients spanning several industries and career levels. 

During her consultations and coaching sessions, Ashley encourages clients to uncover their distinct skill sets and interests. She specializes in this discovery phase of the process, helping clients to realize those strengths and abilities that are hidden or underemphasized. Her goal is to craft a resume and cover letter that is authentic to the client’s unique brand, while aligned to their targeted positions. 

Additionally, Ashley has nearly a decade of experience as a Recruiter and has an inside look at what it takes to gain the attention of a Recruiter and Hiring Manager. She leverages this experience to produce relevant content in a format that will by-pass the 15-second glance test from Recruiters.

Tara C., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer; Career Coach

Tara is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach with a passion for helping people tell their career stories. Because she’s had a varied professional history herself, she is highly skilled at not only understanding the nuances of various industries but also at helping people find their footing as they navigate small and large career transitions. Throughout her career, Tara has helped people at all organizational levels – from entry-level recent graduates to C-suite executives and business owners.

Tara holds an undergraduate B.A. in English and Writing, as well as an M.A. and M.Ed. in Literacy and Education with additional graduate work in Clinical Psychology. She writes resumes, other career and professional documents, blog and digital content, and creative fiction. She is an internationally published novelist with Simon & Schuster and Macmillan under a pen name and a ghostwriter for people with diverse experiences.

Tara leverages her creative writing background to turn your resume into more than just a summary of your work history – she is excited about helping you craft your professional story!

Racquel S., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Racquel is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with 10+ years of direct experience providing career and specialized solutions to independent career seekers through large organizations.  Racquel serves as a Resume Writer and Career Consultant for Outplacement and Career Transition Services.  She works with displaced workers seeking resume and cover letter creation and enhancement and is frequently among the leaders on her team in project turnaround time.

Racquel began her professional career with Metropolitan Life Inc. as a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant.  In this role, she completed interviews, executed claims, conducted analysis and market research, and coordinated vocational rehabilitation programs for the organization.  Following her work at Metropolitan Life, Racquel worked as a Job Placement Specialist.  This is where she honed her skills in the field of career consultation and assistance, creating resumes and cover letters for clients, placing them into career opportunities that were a good match for their skill sets, and creating special programs for seekers with disabilities.

Racquel worked for DeVry University as a Career Advisor, leading the team with over 85% of her caseload of students being placed into employment opportunities.  Racquel met with graduates to outline their skill sets and interests, created resumes and cover letters to enhance their career profiles, and assisted them with soft skills like speaking, writing, and relationship building through collaboration.  Racquel took on a similar role at Kaplan University with the unique challenge of working solely online with graduates from the institution.  At Kaplan, Racquel also led her team in student employment outcomes at over 93%.

Racquel holds an M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling with honors and a B.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling with honors, both from Northern Illinois University.  She is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.  Racquel is a married mother of three and enjoys cooking, Zumba, and interior decorating.

Lynda F., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer; Career Coach

Lynda is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) who has been writing Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profiles since 2011. With a background in Retail Operations Management, Healthcare Executive/Physician Support, and Freelance Writing, Lynda has not only hired, developed, trained, and evaluated employees, but she has also worked with recruiting agencies to ensure proper staffing levels.

With expertise in Administrative, Healthcare, Management, Sales, and Executive-level Resumes, she has helped thousands of clients advance their careers. Her commitment to collaboration and communication creates the ideal working relationship for identifying the personal brand of each client. She also enjoys the challenge of brainstorming ways to overcome gaps in employment or “telling a story” for career changers.

Lynda completed an Honors Bachelor of Arts in English (Writing) at the University of Toledo, and graduated summa cum laude.

Muhammed S., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Muhammed is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) who has helped hundreds of clients for the last 5+ years. He’s developed a strong passion for assisting clients to brand themselves through Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

His overall purpose for helping candidates is to help them confidently step into their new career paths with confidence. To achieve this, Muhammed likes to use a collaborative approach with all clients to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses to formulate strategies that will lead to effective career documents.

Alex L., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Alex is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with more than six years of experience helping clients create Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and other personal branding products. He has helped clients at all professional levels in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia create the documents and strategies needed to facilitate their professional aspirations.

Additionally, Alex draws on his personal experience as a federal employee and military member to assist clients who are seeking help in navigating the civil service application process, as well as those needing assistance in translating their military experience in a way that makes them attractive to civilian employers.

Alex holds an MBA and a Master of Science in Management and Leadership. In addition to his work on personal branding materials, Alex has written and edited technical publications and articles for engineering, production, and defense applications.

Felicia L., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Felicia is a freelance writer who has been writing professional Resumes for over four years. She has created Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profiles for recent college graduates looking for entry-level positions as well as executives seeking senior-level roles. She has experience in numerous industries including, but not limited to, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Entertainment, and Information Technology. She enjoys communicating and collaborating with her clients to determine relevant skills and achievements that contribute to a standout document.

Felicia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism with a Minor in English. She spent her early career as a newspaper reporter and later began freelancing for magazines in her community. In addition to this, she has experience in creative writing and web content creation as well as writing product descriptions and maintaining a personal blog.

Marcus H., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer; Career Coach

Marcus is a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach with over ten years of professional experience as an independent contractor, freelancer, and small business owner in the career services industry. He has helped thousands of job seekers in 18 different industries within multiple levels of education, experience, and expertise to achieve their career goals in record time!

Offering an exceptionally STRONG background in HR Management, Staffing, Recruiting, and Interview Preparation, he is the sole author of a 2018 six-book Resume Writing and Career Coaching series. As a prior top 100 performer out of 40k+ resume writers, his exclusive resume writing style has been battle-tested for optimal success!

With more than 6 years of experience as a hiring executive, he understands how to create a WINNING resume that dominates the robots (ATS), instantly IMPRESSES hiring managers and ultimately CONVINCES the employer to request a formal interview nearly every time!

Marcus isn’t your typical Resume Writer. Although he employs a creative, “Outside-the-Box” approach to resume writing, he prides himself on his professional, yet personal touch. He takes the much-needed time to carefully become familiar with each of his client’s ambitions, strengths, and professional passions. This ensures he can assist in propelling the applicant towards their career goals using his uniquely-crafted career coaching style to determine a compatible career path accompanied with an incredibly POWERFUL, custom-tailored resume that yields optimal results!

Rebekah L., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer; Career Coach

Rebekah’s favorite thing to do is write; she feels most at home on the keyboard, tapping away. Currently an adjunct professor (Language, Reading, and Writing), middle school art teacher, and professional writer, she has been recognized for leveraging her skills to propel her clients to success.

In addition to her 20 years of teaching experience from elementary to the university level, prior to her move to south Florida, she was the Social Media Marketing Director at LearningRx-Shreveport. She also held the position of Social Networking / Community Liaison for several businesses, writing articles and designing ads and brochures for regional and national magazines, journals, and newspapers. In this role, she designed and maintained several organization’s social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube, significantly and consistently increasing sales and profit margins. Additionally, she’s authored a book entitled “Doormats and Control Freaks,” which discusses the issue of codependency.  It is her goal to combine her range of experience with her ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent individual who will mentor, guide, and coach you straight into the job you want.


Corey L., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer; Career Coach

Corey is a professional writer and musician, leveraging his talent, innovation, and creativity to provide the best possible solutions for each and every client ready for the next step in his or her professional or academic career. He has been recognized for his ability to work collaboratively with clients to craft a customized package that reflects each person’s individuality and highlights his or her career assets. He delivers compelling Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, Branding Statements, Networking Resumes, and other career marketing tools to expedite a career transition, promotion, or entry into a new market.

Additionally, he guides job seekers in marketing themselves effectively by developing an in-depth understanding of their career history and the goals for their next position, often providing corporate outplacement services and career transition programs for employees during downsizing, layoffs, non-fits, retirement, or spousal relocation assistance. Overall, his goal and expertise is in offering clients a refreshed self-image that helps them get the interview for the right job. He looks forward to partnering with you to achieve success in your career and life!

Julie D., CPRW

Certified Professional Resume Writer; Career Coach

Julie is a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach with 11 years of experience in the adult learning and education fields, and 6 years of career counseling expertise. She prides herself on creating individualized Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and other career documents that help her clients stand out among the competition. She has worked with hundreds of clients across more than 40 industries and brings a personalized approach to each and every client she works with. Julie especially enjoys working with clients who are transitioning from military roles to the civilian workforce and with clients transitioning from one field or industry to another.

Julie began her career as a Vocational Counselor, where she designed self-employment business models for people with disabilities. She is a nationally-known adult learning speaker and educator and resides in Maryland.


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