You wake up, commute to work, answer emails, attend meetings, prepare reports, and then go home. Then you repeat the process the next day, five days in a row, week after week. If this sounds like your current working situation, you could be in an employment rut. What you need is a workplace that inspires you, challenges you, and excites you. Finding motivation for a job search can be difficult when you have lost your enthusiasm. Here are some simple and effective tips to help you regain your interest in finding a new job with an effective job search.

Create a list

Before you can find the work that you want to do, you need to figure out what that entails. A simple, easy, yet productive way to figure that out is by creating a list of what you enjoy, do not enjoy, and do not mind doing. Jot down your ideas when they occur; you can tweak your list later. When you start to analyze your list, you should notice themes or similarities with what you like and do not like. This can point you towards a career that is better suited to your personality.

Know your annoyances

What happens when you hear a leaky faucet or have to listen to a squeaky door? After enough time, you fix it. The same principle applies to finding the right job for you. Staying in a job that is comfortable can create complacency. However, determining what annoys or bothers you about your work can be that motivation you need to find something that is a better fit. Remember that all jobs will have aspects you do not like, so make sure that your list contains points that can depend on the type of work.

Dream a little dream

Making lists and looking inward while still completing everyday tasks can still bog down a person. To increase your motivation, allow yourself to dream! Imagine your ultimate, albeit, realistic work situation. What would you do? Where is it located? What is the corporate culture? Then realize that, with focused and intentional work plus some patience, you can make this dream come to fruition.

Talk it out

How can you get excited about a potential new career or industry? Start chatting with other people who are in those careers or industry that interest you. You can get the scoop on what exactly goes on in those types of work and later compare it with your lists to see how well they match. It also allows you to ask questions, learn the requirements you may need to obtain, and possibly make connections for potential employment.

Positive balance

You have created several lists, started chatting with others, and possibly investigated courses to help you get ahead. But looking for a new career can be a lot of work, and much of it not overtly or immediately rewarding. What else can offer you some motivation? A small reward! Who doesn’t like a simple treat or reward for doing something that seems difficult? Each week, after meeting your job search goals, allow yourself a little something – a dinner out, a special coffee, a new book. The point is twofold: to associate job hunting with positivity and to create balance in an uninteresting workplace situation. Just keep the rewards small and make sure you complete all of your tasks before rewarding yourself.

You can fall into a workplace rut before you realize it, and once you are there, it can be difficult to extricate yourself. With some introspection and a little time, you can use the tips above to rekindle your passion into an employment situation that makes you want to go to work each and every day!

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