Even if you had a great time in 2020, most of the world agrees that we’re glad to leave that year behind. Like many people, you’re probably eagerly looking forward to 2021, and have big plans ahead. Those big plans may very well include a positive change in your work life, be it a new job, a promotion or a change of career paths. If so, follow these steps towards zeroing on what you want from your work life and making it happen.

Make a list of exactly what you want

The more specific your career goals, the better you’ll be at achieving them. Before starting your search, take an hour or so to sit down and create a list of your wants and needs for your next job. These could include salary range, length of commute, benefits and workplace culture, as well as the types of skills the position will allow you to exercise and develop. Having trouble? Evolution Coaching has a certified career coach waiting to work with you!

…And why someone should want you

By far, this is the hardest part of any job search. Unless you’re that rare person blessed with tons of confidence, determining the “selling points” about yourself can feel like a confusing, uncomfortable or even impossible task.

As hard as this task seems, however, there are easy ways around it. One simple way is to ask close friends or trusted colleagues to describe your best qualities as a person and as a professional. Getting an outside perspective helps you see yourself more clearly. You can also work with a professional career coach to help you determine your strengths and assets, as well as how to present them to potential employers.

Update your resume and create a portfolio

Preparing your resume in the best resume format can be another task that feels intimidating, but don’t stress. If you’re feeling befuddled by how to summarize years of experience on a piece of paper, work with a professional resume writer or utilize resume editing services. They will help you concisely describe yourself in a way that gets the attention of potential employers.


This can be the fun part of your job search—just play it smart. Networking groups, leadership training conferences, and happy hours are all ways you can meet other professionals in relaxed settings. Outside of the more formal context of a workplace, you’ll be more likely to be yourself and let the great qualities that make you a valuable asset shine. Just make sure to keep your demeanor professional enough—as in, skip that third cocktail at happy hour. Be sure you are using your LinkedIn Profile to network as much as possible! Check out these tips to make sure your profile is optimized for maximum results.

We wish you the best of luck in 2021. If you need help with resume writing services or career transition services, Evolution Coaching can show you the way.