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Twitter is a good way for businesses—particularly small, start-up businesses—to market themselves and grow. One of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter is a potentially rich source for customers. A high-traffic Twitter account can boost awareness of your business, leading to higher revenue and profits. Read on for seven tips on curating a successful Twitter account for your business.


1.  Follow Other Users

A basic part of attaining popularity on Twitter is following other accounts. Those you follow may return the favor and, more importantly, following other users is the best way to get involved in discussions. Add business contacts and members of your network first. As you get more involved with Twitter, add some of the users you interact with—which may even open the door for professional opportunities.


2.  Customize Your Profile

By default, Twitter will provide a generic background for your Twitter feed. However, your business will gain professional credibility if you upload an appropriate background and profile picture. Your Twitter page should advertise and promote your business, so choose images that are memorable and attention grabbing—but still suitable for a business.


3.  Connect Your Twitter Account to Other Sites

Create synergy for your company’s brand by connecting every online page associated with your business to your Twitter handle. For example, your business’s LinkedIn account should list your Twitter feed, as should your company website. You can even add your Twitter handle to business cards and email signatures. On Twitter itself, link to your company’s website often, especially to pages with new or updated content.


4.  Post at the Right Rate

Tweet too slowly, and your followers will forget about your existence. On the other hand, post too often, and your followers will become annoyed by your account’s constant stream of tweets. Post at a rate that will promote your business’ brand and attract attention, without causing fatigue and irritation.


5.  Make Your Content as High Quality as Possible

Twitter doesn’t allow for in-depth posts, so make every word count. Unfortunately, the tendency among many users is to post a barrage of inane tweets. For your business, higher standards are needed. Think carefully about all your tweets and make sure each one will help your business in some way. For example, provide helpful advice to another user, or post important news about your business.


6.  Offer Promotions and Other Offers

Everyone loves a good deal, so one of the best ways to market your business on Twitter is to offer special deals and discounts to followers. This will increase sales while generating goodwill towards your business. Advertising and marketing are crucial to business success, so make your Twitter account work for you.


7.  Interact With Your Customers

If your business is a success, expect to see your products mentioned on Twitter. Retweeting positive posts is a good way to promote your business’s services and to demonstrate that your products are high quality. Customers may also direct questions to your business’s Twitter handle. Respond to these queries quickly, helpfully, and politely. Address negative comments or complaints in a positive, courteous manner—don’t allow yourself to get angry or retaliate.


Marketing, branding and attracting new customers are all a vital part of running a business. Since Twitter is a valuable tool for each of these efforts, getting a Twitter account for your business is a great idea—Make that account a success by following these tips!