The transition from college to the workforce is a hectic one. As a result, it is natural to cling to what we know; for the millennials, that’s the internet! Online job search tools, email, LinkedIn… They’re all valuable, but they’re easy. Anyone our age can do it. Employers are looking for people who don’t take the easy route—they want people who are different, who stand out, and who don’t abandon the traditional way of doing things, but enhance them to create something new.

However, that poses the question: how do you stand out?

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Personalize Your Cover Letter.

Do you remember getting leaflets in the mail when you were applying to college? Even though those pamphlets and letters had your name above the address, none of them really meant anything; except the ones that stood out. For people who are hiring, cover letters and resumes are seen the same way. You can’t just send a generic email to your dream company; you need to show them why you’re passionate! If you really want the job, it’s not hard, personalize your cover letter.

Make a Phone Call—Speak to a Person!

As wonderful as email is, emails are easily ignored. Something you can’t ignore is the ringing of your phone and the voice on the other end. For some of us in the texting generation, phone calls are hard, but that doesn’t make them less important. If anything, it makes it more important to show you do understand the value of a real conversation, so when you’re following up, make a phone call.

Send a “Thank-You” Note.

I know you’ve heard this bit of advice before and I know you’ve ignored it. Why buy notecards when you could just send an email, right? Wrong. You want to stand out—not fit in. We all know you can type, but do you know which side of the letter the stamp goes on? Besides, you want to make an impression; you want to be the person they remember interviewing, and you want to appear grateful. So, do yourself a favor and send a “thank-you” note.

Not sure how to write one? Let us help!


For those recent graduates who have nailed down their future employment, Congratulations! For those who aren’t quite there yet, don’t worry, you’ve got this! Our team at Evolution Coaching is here to help you stand out! Our certified, professional resume writers and career coaches can provide cover letter help and assistance writing the most effective “thank-you” letter so your name stands out above the rest. We can even help you create or manage a LinkedIn Profile to ensure your professionalism is seen by anyone you connect with!