Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Evolution Coaching?

Our team consists of Certified Professional Resume Writers and Career Coaches who have had direct work experience as University Career Advisors, Recruiters, Educators, and Leaders from Fortune 500 companies! We incorporate the latest industry trends and best practices in your new job search documents and coaching sessions! Celebrating your life’s work is half the process–the second half is getting you results in your evolving career! With our extreme passion for helping others, your success is our success!

Will I work directly with a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) or Career Coach?

Of course! We are a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches, but we exceed their high expectations by providing our team members with training specific to customer service and quality control to ensure we exceed your expectations! All of our Certified Professional Resume Writers and Career Coaches have had SEVERAL years’ experience excelling in their field and are ready to help you!

How do I communicate with my Evolution Coach?

Directly! 🙂 Once service is ordered, you will receive a “Welcome” e-mail from the Evolution Coach who will work with you! Our Coach will ask you additional or clarifying questions for your order via e-mail or a phone consultation. While we get to work creating drafts of your new documents or scheduling virtual Career Counseling sessions, your Evolution Coach will maintain direct communication with you throughout the entire process!

What is your typical turnaround time?

You can expect to receive your new draft(s) within 4-5 business days of the date you supply your Evolution Coach with the information necessary to create effective marketing documents. Should you require a faster turnaround (2 business days to receive a draft), an expedited service is available for an additional charge ($49). When ordering Career Counseling, we will reach out to schedule your sessions within 1 business day of placing your order!

I have a current resume. Do I need the Full Resume Writing Service, or just the Editing Service?

Our most popular service is by far the Full Resume Writing Service. By selecting this option, you will work one-on-one with a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) on our team. Your Resume Writer will communicate with you directly via phone or email (whichever you prefer) to gather the information he or she needs to create brand new job search documents using “tried and true” industry best practices. Writing optimized content that captures specific keywords and phrases is pivotal to scoring highly as a candidate in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). You also benefit from the helpful exercise of identifying your accomplishments to really draw out your skills and convey the value you will bring to the hiring company.

The Editing Service is helpful for those who feel their resume is ready to submit to hiring managers right now. It does not provide any content creation. We will review your existing resume and/or cover letter for grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and format it using one of our professionally-designed layouts. This service offers a 24-hour turnaround since it’s truly meant to “polish” your document and you can submit it quickly to your position of interest!

If you have a resume that you have been using but not gaining any job search traction, we will likely recommend the Full Resume Writing Service to give you the extra edge you may need to present as the most qualified candidate!

Which Resume Writing Service is right for me?

You will want to choose the appropriate package based upon the salary of the position you are seeking. Whether it’s a lateral move or promotion, we are here to help! Our clients report receiving an average of $15K more in annual salary as a result of using our Professional Resume Writing Service. Think of it this way – the candidate with the best professional presentation will get the best professional pay.

If your desired position is in a standard field and has an annual salary of:

Up to $30K – Please choose the Entry Level Resume Service

Between $30K-$60K – Please choose the Professional Level Resume Service

Between $60K-$100K – Please choose the Mid Level Resume Service

Over $100K – Please choose the Executive Level Resume Service

If you have IT, Engineering, Federal/State, Military, or experience that requires a CV (such as a Doctor, Professor, Researcher, etc.), please choose one of the packages below UNLESS your desired salary is over $100K (in which case you would select the Executive Level Resume Service):

IT & Engineering Resume Service

Federal & State Resume Service

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Service

Military-to-Civilian Resume Service

How did you determine your pricing structure?

Our competitive pricing has been determined based upon the level of experience and responsibility throughout one’s career. Typically, as a career evolves, responsibilities grow larger and salary is commensurate with a higher level of contribution. The package prices are based upon the complexity of the project and amount of content/history which will be reviewed and incorporated into a new document. We take into consideration the amount of time spent working with your Certified Professional Resume Writer throughout the scope of your project. We have created a pricing structure that reflects our writers’ expertise and time spent with each client.

For example, we could not possibly charge a recent graduate the same or similar pricing that an executive-level client would pay who has over 400 direct reports in his organization.

When will I hear from my Certified Professional Resume Writer or Career Coach to get started?

You can expect to receive an introductory email from your writer or Career Coach within 1 business day of placing your order. If you purchase the Rush Service (for a 2 business day turnaround), your writer will reach out to you ASAP to get started and gather any additional information that may be required.

Is updating my LinkedIn Profile important? What does the service include?

Absolutely! Your LinkedIn Profile is a valuable tool that validates your skills and achievements while allowing you to network and open the door for new opportunities.

Your LinkedIn Profile is not only a personal networking tool; it is a global search engine used by 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers searching for the ideal candidate. By keeping an up-to-date, accurate, and professional LinkedIn Profile, you are utilizing the internet’s main location for professionals to network and be found by recruiters and hiring managers when open positions may not have even been posted on behalf of a company!

With our LinkedIn Profile Service, we will update and optimize your profile with keywords and phrases that recruiters and hiring managers will be searching for. We will create a catchy, personalized Headline to set you apart from the crowd, update your Professional Summary with the content created in your new resume, identify additional skills and achievements to demonstrate your value, and bring your work history up-to-date.

Will my current employer see the changes I have made to my LinkedIn Profile?

No. In this business, confidentiality is key. We will provide instructions to turn OFF network notifications while making these updates to your profile so your current employer or network will not be made aware of your changes.

Can I use my resume for multiple job postings?

Your resume will be designed to allow you to post for the types of positions you are most interested in. Typically, you can use the same resume to post for multiple positions, as long as they are not drastically different positions in various fields. For example, you would not be able to use a document with a focus on education to post for positions in the healthcare field; this would require a second resume, focusing on your transferable skills to support a move to healthcare. Ask us about our GENEROUS discount on the purchase of a second resume if you have a variety of interests!

Do I need more than one cover letter?

The cover letter is intended to be a brief introduction for you as a candidate and can be easily tailored for each job posting of interest. Typically, you will not need multiple cover letters unless you are applying for different types of positions. Ask us about our discount on the purchase of multiple cover letters if you do have specific postings in mind!

What information do I need to get started?

Old resumes and cover letters (even if they are outdated) help your writer to begin laying the framework of your work history. If you do not have these to begin with, don’t fret! We will provide you with a detailed questionnaire to gather all necessary information to begin your project! J

Performance appraisals from a current or prior position can be helpful to provide since your writer can use these to gather additional metrics to create a strong and effective document. By providing any specific job postings you are interested in, your writer will have a clear understanding of the direction you are looking to move in your career. Any other documents or lists you may have that will help to identify your skills and achievements will be helpful for your writer.

As part of our introductory process with your Certified Professional Resume Writer, he or she will send you a “New Client Worksheet” to complete. This is a 1.5 page document that lists a few questions to help you identify your greatest strengths, interests, and any other relevant information we should have! The questions can also be discussed via a scheduled phone consultation.

How many revisions are included?

Once you receive your draft(s) via email, the revisions process will begin. You will have 7 days to review your document(s) once they arrive in your inbox and make unlimited revision requests during that time. Revision requests include changes to core content, additions, etc. For minor changes, such as repositioning skills or making word modifications, your new Word document(s) is designed to be easily editable by you based on each posting you submit to.

If I want to add a new position in the future, is that included?

Once the revision period has ended upon 7 days’ receipt of your new document(s), additional changes or additions may be subject to a small charge, based on the discretion of the company. If you come to us as a returning client and need a new position to be added to the resume we wrote you, our fee for this update is $89. This fee may be adjusted if you are changing career direction at the time you contract us for the update requests.

Do you guarantee interviews?

We do not offer a guarantee for interview requests, as no legitimate resume writing service can do this with so many different factors in play. As a small business who takes pride in the success of our clients, we will work with you to ensure you are confident heading into your job search. If, after a reasonable amount of time, you are not getting any job search traction, we will make minor adjustments to your new resume and address any areas of opportunity based on the links to positions you have applied for without success.

What sectors do you write for?

We work with both the Public and Private Sectors. The Private Sector is usually composed of organizations that are privately owned and are for profit or non-profit. The Public Sector includes Central, State, or Local organizations that are under control of the Government.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Writing and formatting a resume regarding Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is important because this software program works like a resume database to help companies streamline their hiring process and review applications more quickly. Not only do these systems organize and sort applications, but they are also programmed to screen candidates based on what content is included in the resume. Once a position is posted, all submitted applications are stored in this database where recruiters can search submissions using keywords and phrases to identify candidates to advance through the hiring process.

We specialize in optimizing your resume content so you are receiving the greatest chance possible of an interview request. The higher the resume scores in the ATS, the higher the chances are of receiving an interview.

What topics do you cover during Career Counseling?

Career Counseling is designed to meet your individual needs. Topics will vary for each individual and can include, but are not limited to:

Tips to Revamp Your Job Search

Top Job Search Sites

Leveraging Social Media


Job Search Preparation

Interview Preparation: What Is a Behavioral Interview? What Can You Expect? What Questions to Ask? How to Answer Questions Effectively? Identify Accomplishments and Skills to Discuss; Practice with Interview Role-Playing; Follow-Up Best Practices

Using a Structured Approach to Examine the Essential Components & Steps Surrounding a Major Career Shift or Change

Tips to Capitalize on Your Current Education, Training, Experience, Skills & Values While Identifying New Opportunities

What industries do you specialize in?








Human Resources


Law Enforcement



Marketing/Public Relations


Real Estate

Restaurant & Hospitality






Transportation & Warehousing

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