Success stories are so inspirational because they demonstrate that people can conquer adversity. If every success story were a simple walk to the finish line, there would be no lessons to learn. People read motivational books and quotes, and understand on a logical level that if you work hard enough, you absolutely will succeed.

So why are there so many people who lead lives of quiet despair? Why do so many people never work on their skills and reach the heights that they are capable of? It’s because their belief systems are fundamentally flawed. Unless you adopt the right mindset, you can never truly be successful. Here are six beliefs that are secretly keeping you from attaining your goals.

  1. “I’m not experienced enough.”

Do you really think that the only way to achieve success is to subject yourself to decades of academic training? Blaming your failures on a lack of degrees is a common way to trick yourself into inaction. You’re telling yourself you don’t deserve success. While it is true that you need a certain amount of expertise in the market you’re going to build a career in, you don’t need to possess a dozen academic degrees to be successful. A career advisor can assist in career planning to help land the job best suited for your experience and skill level.

  1. “I’m not the right age.”

There are hundreds of examples of people who have started successful careers during their teenage years or after the age of 50. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Also, if you are concerned about how you are presenting on paper regarding the work history captured on your resume, one of our certified professional resume writers can work with you to rewrite your content so the focus for the reader will be on your skills and accomplishments, not how long you’ve been in your career.

  1. “I’m physically incapable.”

Some people use their physical problems or failing health as an excuse to justify not chasing their dreams. Your health is not the problem. Your mindset is. Helen Keller and Franklin Roosevelt were physically challenged and still managed to forge a path to greatness.

  1. “I’m too busy.”

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. How you use them determines the course of your future. If you can make time for a Game of Thrones marathon, you can make time to work on your career. Even as little as an hour each day can yield big results over time. If you want things to change, you have to make time. There is simply no way around it.

  1. “I don’t have any support.”

People who use the support argument will blame their kids, their spouse, their boss and even their friends for the state of their life. The truth is, none of these people owe you anything. If you want to change your life, you have to take sole responsibility for it.

Let’s say your dream is to start a business. If you don’t have a team right now, work on your own. Eventually, when you have a business plan in place, you will be able to recruit other people to help you. If your current social circle is toxic, let go of them. Find mentors and spend time with successful people. Go to conferences, attend startup events and build your network.

  1. “I’m too poor.”

This is the No. 1 excuse most people make for justifying their inability to pursue their dreams. You probably already have enough money to start working on your ideas. You’re just not using it efficiently enough. If you’re struggling to put together the money it will take to pay for server costs or marketing initiatives, don’t eat out as often. Curb your spending habits until your business or career is profitable.

Successful people don’t wait for the stars to align. They take action and improvise along the way. If you’re dissatisfied with your current circumstances, your mindset and beliefs have to change. You need to start adopting the habits and behaviors of successful people. Stop getting in your own way!

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