Whether you’re searching for your first job or embarking on the next step of a decades-long career, your resume is possibly the most important part of any application. While you know that resume writing services exist, you might decide that writing your resume on your own is the better option—after all, you’ll save money, and can crafting a well-written resume really be that hard?

The truth is that you might lose in the long term without a professional to write or at least review your resume and/or cover letter. More important: you can gain not just a better salary but a rewarding career by hiring someone (like the team at Evolution Coaching) to shape your resume into an outstanding document that grabs the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager.

Why is Your Resume Important?

We’re sure you’re familiar with the old saying that first impressions are everything. This adage is never more accurate than during a job search. While first impressions might be proved wrong in, for example, social situations, more often than not they are quite literally your only chance to make any impression at all during the job search. That’s why your resume must be an attention-getting, well-crafted document that not only outlines your job history, but also marks significant professional accomplishments and highlights your unique skill set. It wouldn’t hurt for your resume to have a little personality, too.

Sound challenging? Don’t panic. That’s where a professional resume writing service comes in.

What Does a Certified Professional Resume Writer Do?

Certified Professional Resume Writers are highly specialized folks who have as much expertise in the English language as they do in the day-to-day realities of the hiring process. A resume writer does so much more than merely spruce up the grammar or revise the format of your resume. After you submit your resume, CV or cover letter to a professional writer, they will carefully review the information presented. Then, they will devise questions tailored to learning more about your value as an employee and what kinds of contributions you can bring to the table.

Once you provide this information, your resume writer will craft a resume that tells a story about you as a professional and conveys your one-of-a-kind personal brand right off the bat. Most people are astounded by the difference between the initial draft and the final version written by a professional resume writer.

At Evolution Coaching, we offer resume writing services for everyone from entry-level applicants to executives. Learn more about how we can help you succeed by visiting this page. We specialize in optimizing your document so that you surpass Applicant Tracking Systems and have your resume land in the hands of hiring managers!