Fear is a powerful emotion and a person who does not control his fear may find their way back to their previous addiction. In a recession, many people fear job loss. If you are in recovery for an addiction, you may turn back to your vice in order to cope with stress and depression surrounding the potential loss of employment. Job loss is a reality during a recession for anyone, whether or not they are in recovery. The fear of losing your job can significantly affect your decisions.

Here are some steps to take to confront the fear of losing your job:

Review Your Finances

Loss of income is a large factor when faced with job loss. If you lost your job tomorrow, what impact would it have on your financial situation, your family, your sobriety? Could you pay the bills, the mortgage, and credit card debts? If the answer is no, the fear of losing your job will likely increase.

You can take action now to better manage your finances, so in the event you do lose your job, you are prepared until you are able to obtain new employment. Consider areas where you can cut back and make savings in your current budgets. Having a savings account and continually contributing to it, even a few dollars per week, can provide you a buffer and give you money with which to pay bills during unemployment. Ideally, you should have four week’s salary available in savings or investments. This can tide you over until you get a new job or are eligible for unemployment payments.

Paying extra money into your mortgage or credit cards when you have the ability will help reduce your debt and increases your buffer zone from financial disaster. You may be able to negotiate with the bank to reduce the mortgage repayments or to miss a payment, if you have paid off more than you need to before you lose your job.

Prepare a Resume

Psychologically, the act of preparing a resume, even if you never use it, can help you to face your fear of losing your job. Having a resume handy means you are able to start looking for a new career, even before you potentially lose your current position. It also means you are ready to take the step of applying for new jobs. Simple preparations for the job hunting processes can go a long way towards easing your fear of losing your current job.

Realistically Evaluate Your Options

Facing your fear of losing your job will open the door to opportunities you have never even considered. You could take the opportunity to change careers and follow your dreams. Realistically list all of your current skills, hobbies, and interests. You may be surprised to see how many different jobs you could do if you wanted to.

Even making a list of what skills you have to offer to prospective employers can dramatically reduce your fear of losing your current job. You can see what jobs and career options are available to you with your current skill set, so you will be more confident in finding a new job, or an exciting new career, if you do lose your current job.

Consider Training Now

If you do think you may like to change careers if you do lose your job, consider undertaking any necessary training now while you are still working. Give yourself the skills to equip yourself for a new career path and the fear of losing your job will recede into the distance. You will be taking positive action and gain the confidence that may have been lacking.

Prepare an Emergency Action Plan

Finally, prepare an emergency action plan to implement if you do lose your job. Being in recovery, you should include plans to fill the day, plans to increase contact with your support network, and plans on how to avoid a return to the addiction. An emergency action plan can include looking for jobs, visiting the bank and implementing financial plans, regular exercise, and stress release activities.

Having a list of actions to complete should you lose your job will give you a sense of security and purpose. Preparing an emergency action plan helps you to stay on track and to face your fear of losing your job.

Facing your fear now will give you the courage to change careers and look at the job loss as a positive force in your life, to feel financially secure and comfortable during the time of unemployment. Preparing your resume, realistically evaluating all the available options for new careers, and training for new skills can give you a head start if you do lose your job. Positive actions now will help you deal with your fear of losing your job without backsliding to your addiction.