The time has come for you to write your resume for an exciting new job! It may be a matter of necessity, a desire for upward mobility, a career transition, or you are aiming for a higher income with a new position. Regardless, if you are a new college graduate or an executive, every job seeker on the market needs a stellar resume to stand out and beat the competition.

Now, the question is: Do you write the resume yourself or entrust this important project with a Certified Professional Resume Writer? You should strongly consider the top three reasons to hire a resume writer below.

Professional Resume Writers Are Career Management Experts

If you were in need of brain surgery, would you perform it on yourself? If you were in need of a haircut, would you be able to cut and style it yourself? If you needed a new transmission for your car, would you replace it or entrust the project with a skilled mechanic? Unless you are a genius in all fields, you most likely would hire a trained expert to perform such tasks that require years of experience. Thus, if you need a resume, then why write your own resume when it requires the subject matter expertise of a Certified Professional Resume Writer?

The process of taking inventory of your accomplishments throughout the duration of your career is not an easy task. A resume writer can provide the analytical acumen and objectivity needed to identify and showcase your most valuable achievements.

Professional Resume Writers Can Crack the Code of ATS Technology

As a modern job seeker, you may have heard the term “ATS-optimized resume” from hiring managers and recruiters throughout your career search. You may be thinking, “What on earth is ATS?” As an active job hunter, you must be aware that your resume will be scanned by Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software even before your document is reviewed by human eyes. ATS technology assesses resumes for keywords and concepts which meet the company’s requirements for open positions. Partnering with a Certified Professional Resume Writer who is well-versed in ATS technology will ensure that you receive a high score as a candidate, which will enable your resume to get into the hands of hiring managers faster and easier!

Professional Resume Writers Will Expedite the Job Search Process

If you’ve already started your job search, I’m sure you have becoming increasingly aware that the process of developing your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, online applications, and other job search tools is exhaustive and time-consuming.

Unless you are the Babe Ruth of job searches and hit home runs with every interview, the average job search process can take up to six months (if not longer)!

Evolution Coaching, an elite Career Services company, offers a series of career management documents, services, and tools to help you compete in the tough job market. By hiring one of our Certified Professional Resume Writers, you will be able to expedite the job search process and invest more time preparing for interviews as we develop your resume and career campaign management tools!