The recent coronavirus outbreak is shutting down life as we know it, which causes a lot of uncertainty for people. When you’re looking for work—or considering a career move—it can be tough to assess how this impacts that process. While no one can really speak to a realistic timeline on the effects of the coronavirus on markets, the likelihood of long-term job security, or how this will shape hiring practices, we can say one thing with certainty: a little preparation is always a good thing.

There is the chance that this redefines remote work opportunities and companies may create even more positions for remote employees, recognizing the importance of readiness for critical interruptions to their operations. There is also a chance that some markets change dramatically, including the hospitality industry, due to long-term closures.

If you have already been considering making a move or if you’re already in the middle of a job search, there is no better time to refocus and organize your efforts than right now. While HR departments are likely slowing down and hiring is placed on hold, this is a great time to refresh your Resume, prepare your Cover Letter, and rebrand yourself for the inevitable deluge of Resumes and applicants when the crisis passes. Why not take this lull to ensure you have the best job search materials ready? Then, as soon as the market reopens, you will be ahead of the curve—and ahead of your competition.

For anyone concerned that they may be facing a layoff, why not get your job search documents in order before that happens? The small investment now will minimize the time between a layoff and finding something else, and if you end up weathering the storm without a layoff, great! You have a refreshed Resume should you decide to consider another opportunity and avoid future challenges like this.

What we saw in 2008-2009, following the economic recession, was one of the most competitive markets in our history. Candidates were plentiful, and there were often hundreds of people competing for one position. In the last few years, as the job market has improved dramatically, competition has been scarce in most industries. Job seekers have had the upper hand, but there’s a chance that we could be facing another market shift that moves power back to the employer. A proactive candidate who’s ready to dive into the talent pool and advocate for themselves as soon as this shift occurs is positioning themselves ahead of their competition.

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