As Certified Professional Resume Writers of Evolution Coaching and members of the National Resume Writing Association, we consistently strive to have authoritative industry knowledge while staying abreast of current industry trends. We also innovate and implement leading-edge products and career campaign tools to ensure our clients achieve optimal job search success.

A brand new service we are offering our clients is the creation of a personal website that is rich in search engine optimized content to showcase your competitive edge, greatest achievements, and value-added contributions. The personal websites we offer are eloquent, sleek, succinct, and professional. Normally, they involve a home page/introduction to who you are, a brief bio, a description of some of your greatest accomplishments, and contact information.

Some of the key benefits of a personal website for your job search involve the following:

Online Reputation Management

It is common practice for a hiring manager within your target company to Google you to discover what they may find out about you on the internet. According to Harris Interactive, 78% of U.S. adults believe it is very important to look up information about people online before deciding to interact or do business with them. According to Moz Research, 92% of Google users do not go past page one for any given search.

By having a personal website for online reputation management, your positive, truthful content is pushed to the top of Google search results. You will have strategic publication of new materials to push down any negative results you might have. Overall, you will have an engagement strategy specifically targeting your job search by conveying optimized content for maximum impact on a hiring manager, recruiter, or headhunter.

Digitized Resume

Another benefit of having a personal website for your job search is that it basically serves as a digitized/virtual and extended version of your resume. The corporate resumes we produce are, of course, phenomenal documents which are in compliance with the standard methodologies of the National Resume Writers Association. However, the two page format can be limiting, especially when you have extensive publications, presentations, research experience, projects, consulting gigs, or other details regarding specific accomplishments for which there is not room to include on a traditional resume.

Furthermore, the digitized/virtual version of your resume is aesthetically pleasing as well as dynamic to the audience’s viewpoint, of which will make an even more impressive and professional impression on a hiring manager.

Personal Branding

Here at Evolution Coaching, our Certified Professional Career Coaches promote the development and implementation of a personal brand as an effective way for job seekers to stand out to employers. Personal branding provides job seekers with a process for identifying their unique value and the types of employers to which they would be best suited. It helps you to run a more effective and targeted job search, and can help you to tap into the hidden job market more easily.

Overall, personal branding is the practice of marketing yourself and your career as a brand. The personal branding concept suggests that success comes from strategic and creative self-packaging. The resume serves as a brief marketing document, and a personal website takes the concept to a higher and more sophisticated level.

The job search process involves not just online reputation management and a personal brand, but also heavy self-promotion. You must not be afraid to “toot your own horn” and promote yourself as though you are running an aggressive and ambitious campaign.

Our website designers and Certified Professional Resume Writers are highly experienced in developing, designing, and publishing dynamic and effective personal websites to strengthen your job search. We hold a solid record of helping clients achieve success not just through resumes and career consulting, but also through the art and science of a personalized website.

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