Perfect resume? Who’s ever heard of such a thing?? A resume is a resume, no big deal. It lists your jobs, your duties, your skills, and your education. It’s not rocket science. I hear you over there…. “Resume writing? Pssshhh, how hard can that really be?” You know resume writing services exist, but you know you can handle that small task on your own. You’ll save money, and after all, crafting a well-written resume can’t possibly be that difficult, right?

The truth is that you might lose in the long-term without a professional to write or at least review your resume and/or cover letter. More importantly, you stand to gain not just a better salary, but a rewarding career by hiring someone (like the team at Evolution Coaching) to shape your document into the perfect resume that immediately grabs the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager.

“I don’t get it, what can they do that I can’t?”

Great question!

Think about it as though you are about to board a plane to paradise (your dream job). You sit in the only available seat left in the terminal, scrunched next to grumpy travelers (job applicants), gripping your boarding pass (resume), just dying to board the plane and begin this journey you’ve been waiting for! 

You glance down at your boarding pass.

“Group 5. Hmm, 5, I wonder when I will get called to board (get hired); it feels like I’ve been waiting forever already” you grumble to yourself quietly.

“Group 1” echoes over the loud speaker (this is the hiring manager speaking).   A few well-dressed, calm, and collected travelers rise and approach the gate to board the plane.

“Now I KNOW I have been waiting here longer than they have!” you think to yourself as the anxiety and frustration of being at the airport since 6am begins to get the best of you.

You begin to wrangle up your belongings, knowing in just a short time, you too will be on the plane to paradise…

…58 minutes later, and finally “Group 5 – boarding now” bellows from the speaker as you leap up and head to the gate.

“It’s about time!” you think to yourself.  “We are all trying to go to the same place, I don’t understand why I am being called last!”

So, how important is your time? Would it have really made a difference for you to be waiting in your large comfortable seat on board, rather than out in the loud, crowded airport, smashed into a tiny chair with your luggage being bumped and kicked as the other travelers (job applicants) boarded?

If you said “No” to this question, then you are a better person than most, and I commend you.

But for the rest of us out there who know the feelings of frustration and aggravation all too well, let’s talk about how you could have moved up in that line, and been enjoying a nice drink while you sit back in your cushy seat, perusing the latest edition of SkyMall.

Sure, you saved a few bucks booking on one of those last minute “best deal of the day” sites, but was it worth it?

You could have upgraded to first class, for just a bit more than you paid for coach, added an express pass for security, and been relaxing with your feet up, preparing yourself for “fun in the sun” hours sooner!

Resume writing services are your ticket to the first class seat and additional travel perks. They provide you with a perfectly crafted resume that not only puts you in the fast lane for an interview, but ushers you seamlessly into the position you have only dreamed about.

Here are 12 reasons you need a resume writing service to help you provide recruiters and hiring managers with the perfect resume.

1. Your Time is Valuable

You have enough on your plate trying to juggle work, family, and friends, all while trying to squeeze in an hour or two of relaxation every week.

Why spend hours trudging through the internet trying to pull advice from website after website to compile a potentially ineffective resume?  Look to the pros. We know how to create your perfect resume in just a few days.  Let us take the burden off your shoulders and provide a perfect resume that gives you the confidence you need to get started with your job hunt!

Quick, efficient, and professional. Highly recommend! Excellent price point as well! Definitely will use them again! ~ Abbey

2. You Can’t Afford Not To

“What about the cost… I am not made of money over here!”

Absolutely! This is a completely reasonable concern. You are thrifty and your friends and family envy you for being so. In this day and age, being smart with your spending is crucial to our success.

Let’s look at it in this light.

Let’s say you make $25 per hour at your current job, or there about, right?

It takes on average 4-6 hours to create a really effective resume. You have to dig up employment history, dates, job titles, duties, etc. Search the seemingly never-ending articles online for samples of resume objectives, resume summaries, professional cover letters, and proper formatting techniques. Then try to figure out how to determine which sites are credible, and which are just filled with mumbo-jumbo.  It’s not an easy task, that’s for sure.

So after 4 hours of working on your perfect resume, you have spent in YOUR time approximately $100, but you’re not even confident that you have used the proper resume format and whether you should have used a resume objective rather than a resume summary. But hey, you’re exhausted and it looks better than what you had expected, so it’s time to start on the cover letter. Add another hour of time dedicated to writing that, and you’re now up to $125 of your time spent working.

$125 doesn’t sound too bad… until you discover that your hard work is not even getting past the Applicant Tracking Systems (more on those later) that companies use to filter through the hundreds of resumes they receive for a given job posting.  Talk about being frustrated and deflated! Hours of creating these documents and hours upon hours of applying to positions you are sure you’re qualified for, and you’re not even being seen by a human being!

Evolution Coaching transformed my resume into something spectacular. I now feel more than confident in sending out my resume to prospective employers. There is no way that I could have written something as professional as Katie did. Money well spent in my book! ~ Lori

I was uneasy about spending money on another resume writing service, after having a bad experience in the past. Decided to try Evolution Coaching. Their staff is very professional. I am extremely satisfied with the resume and cover that Evolution Coaching prepared for me. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends. ~ Wudson

3. You Manage People, Not Words

U rly <3 to talk to ur bffs, but speaking to a hiring manager through your resume is the first impression you will make.

Using proper grammar can make or break this introduction. Let a professional scrutinize every paragraph, sentence, and word to ensure you are coming across as intelligently and professionally as we both know you are.

Great resume in a short time. Really helped me wordsmith my accomplishments to put my best foot forward! ~ Jay

4. You’re Stuck in the Past

You’re proud of your college education, as you should be! You add your 18 years of job history since then, but having too much information from the past on your resume is counterproductive. All a recruiter will see is that you’re still living in the 90’s.

Knowing what jobs to incorporate or leave off your resume is vital, and a professional can make the best choices for you and your future. You likely developed many invaluable skills in your first few years out of school, and a professional resume writer will know how to extract those skills and place them throughout your resume, so that all of your achievements are being highlighted.

It was such a pleasure working with Kristen, she was prompt with every little change I asked for. She took what was a very dated (hadn’t written a resume in 8+ years) and made it modern and 100% up to date, wrote a cover letter that complimented the resume and re-worked and arranged my LinkedIn page, so now I appear up to date and fully organized. Thank you very much Kristen, I couldn’t have done it without your talent and patience. ~ Ivan

5. You’re Not the Bragging Type

Being the shy guy may work while trying to entice the cute girl across the room, but when it comes to a hiring manager, your perfect resume needs to scream “I AM AWESOME!!!”  This can be a difficult task to tackle yourself.

Having a skilled resume writer assist in identifying your career accomplishments is invaluable to create your perfect resume, and to the hiring manager reading over it.

Two things about me…one I hate talking or writing about myself and two I hate the process of applying for jobs! And while it did take some time I am delighted to say I have landed a wonderful career opportunity and I owe a great deal of my success to Karen and Evolution Coaching. Karen was wonderful and I don’t think my experiences and accomplishments have ever been presented so well in a resume and cover letter. Thank you so much! ~ Laura

6. You Don’t Know What a “Personal Brand” is

Don’t fret, most people are unfamiliar with the term “Personal Brand” and what it means in the world of resumes and hiring managers.

Your personal brand is the impression you create about yourself in person, on paper, and virtually. It is the practice of marketing yourself and your career to create a personal package for selling yourself.

Don’t worry, selling yourself doesn’t consist of hanging a price tag from your ear.

It creates a strong self-image surrounding your accomplishments and career goals.  Professional resume writers are experts in identifying and establishing personal brands for their clients. Evolution Coaching is ready to help develop your Personal Brand that will launch your perfect resume to the top of any hiring manger’s pile.

I was very pleased with the work that Rosemarie did in rebranding my professional resume. She listened to my needs and goals, and even raised things I had not considered. I wanted a company that provided one-on-one contact with the resume writer, and Evolution Coaching provided just that! ~ Fenix

7. You Have a Few Problems

Whether you’re fresh out of college looking for the first position in your field, or you left the workplace a few years ago to take care of your family, there’s a gap in experience and/or employment history.

Or, maybe you are looking to dive into a new career altogether.

Whatever the reason, you can’t rewrite history, and you may not know just how to ramp up your resume to showcase the skills and achievements you’ve developed in a way that will demonstrate you as the best candidate for a position.

A professionally-developed resume can be one of the best investments you ever make for your future. After all, we spend an average of 92,120 hours working during our lifetime. Doesn’t it stand to reason that having assistance finding a job you love is worth it?

Thank you so much for this resume, it looks great!  I am so impressed!  Reading this really boosted my confidence and has made me feel good about the prospect of starting a new career ~ Jess

8. You’re Not Getting Calls or Interviews on Your Own

And isn’t that really what this is all about?

Getting your foot in the door. Professional resume writing services like, Evolution Coaching, have several years’ experience doing just that! We specialize in optimizing the content so you are receiving the greatest chance possible of an interview request.

The higher your resume scores in the Applicant Tracking Systems (see, I told you we would get back to it!), the higher your chances of receiving an interview.

Writing and formatting a resume regarding ATS is important because this software program works like a resume database to help companies streamline their hiring process and review applications more quickly.

Not only do these systems organize and sort applications, but they are also programmed to screen candidates based on what content is included in the resume.

Once a position is posted, all submitted applications are stored in this database where recruiters can search submissions using keywords and phrases to identify candidates to advance through the hiring process.

The resume specialist devised a very insightful resume based on the information I provided. I could not have come up with a resume half as good. I have had great response in the week or so that I have posted my new resume! ~ Diane

9. You’re Not Sure How Important a Resume Really Is

After all, it’s the interview that lands the job, not the resume. Right?

Not so my friend, not so. Yes, an interview is definitely the final step to “seal the deal,” but you need to get consideration for an interview in the first place!

We’re sure you’re familiar with the old saying that first impressions are everything.

This adage is never more accurate than during a job search. More often than not, a resume is quite literally your only chance to make any impression at all during the job search.

That’s why your perfect resume must be an attention-getting, well-crafted document that not only outlines your job history, but also marks significant professional accomplishments and highlights your unique skill set.

It wouldn’t hurt for your resume to have a little personality, too.

Sound challenging? Don’t panic. That’s where a professional resume writing service comes in.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with Evolution’s service end to end. The firm is responsive and the staff is extremely helpful. My resume needed a face lift; Evolution gave it a complete body transformation. I just went from “just another candidate” to “serious contender, call back ASAP” in a matter of a few days. Thank you! ~Samuel

10. 50% of Applicants Are Weeded Out Immediately

The average number of people who apply for any given job posting: 118.

Only 59 people are even being considered.

Many companies use talent-management software (the ATS we just reviewed) to screen resumes, weeding out up to 50% of applications before anyone ever looks at a resume or cover letter.

Sounds a bit unfair doesn’t it?

Having the most ATS-friendly content and format is pivotal in landing you that interview.

Why tackle such staggering statistics alone when professional resume services are here to help create the perfect resume to get your resume past the ATS and into the hands of a real live person?

After putting my updated resume on a couple different sites, I was contacted by a consulting firm and I just accepted a position at Microsoft.  I’m so happy! And I know that because of you, my resume stood out from others and gave me the chance at this job. Thank you! ~ Kayla

11. Only 20% of Candidates Considered Receive an Interview

So you were able to sneak past the ATS and have your resume reviewed by the hiring manager. Great job! As we have discussed, this is no easy task!

It comes down to you and 58 other job seekers.

Only 20% of you will receive an interview request.

That’s 12 people.

That’s not many from our starting point of 118 applicants, is it?

Having a professional resume writer meticulously develop your resume, hanging on every word to ensure it is not only eye-catching, but intriguing, can mean the difference between you being one of the lucky 12, or being one of the 106 left to continue their search. Seems like a no-brainer at this point, doesn’t it?

They did a great job listening to what I was looking for, what my previous experience was, and how to best describe myself in a way that companies are looking for. I have already received interview opportunities in my desired work field, and would highly recommend them for anyone looking to redo or edit their resume. ~ Tanner

12. 1% of Job Seekers Use Professional Resume Services

Now consider that only 1% of job seekers use professional services.

This means that if you chose to work with a Certified Professional Resume Writer to create your perfect resume, it would make you a 1%-er!

Wouldn’t it feel great to be the candidate for a posting with the most professional resume out of 100 others? The confidence you will feel sending your perfect resume out to job postings will empower you!  You will have the peace of mind knowing that you have documents to not only surpass the ATS, but will blow your competitors out of the water!

Kristen was very professional and easy to work with. After receiving my resume and cover letter, I submitted a job application and was contacted several short hours after complimenting me on them! ~ Celine

What Does a Certified Professional Resume Writer Do?

Certified Professional Resume Writers are highly specialized folks who have as much expertise in the English language as they do in the day-to-day realities of the hiring process.

A resume writer does so much more than merely spruce up the grammar or revise the format of your resume.

After you submit your resume, CV, or cover letter to a professional writer, they will carefully review the information provided. Then, they will devise questions tailored to learning more about your value as an employee and what kinds of contributions you will bring to the table.

Once you provide this information, your resume writer will craft a perfect resume that tells a story about you as a professional and conveys your one-of-a-kind personal brand right off the bat.

Think You Could Benefit from Help Creating Your Perfect Resume?

We are here to help! Evolution Coaching is dedicated to taking the stress away from the job search process. With the right documents and the perfect resume, your confidence and likelihood of receiving interview requests is going to skyrocket! At Evolution Coaching, we offer resume writing services for everyone from entry-level applicants to executives. Learn more about how we can help you succeed by visiting our resume services page. Don’t just take our word for it, though! While you’re on the site, stop by and check out some more of our satisfied clients and their success stories!

We wish you the best of luck in your job search and hope you treat yourself to that first-class plane ticket!