With Fathers Day quickly approaching, it’s important for us to recognize the role our fathers play.

In some households, things have changed, but in many others, fathers are still seen as the sole providers for their families. For example, my father, regardless of how he is viewed, feels as though he should be capable of fiscally caring for his family. If my mother wants to work, that’s all well and good but she shouldn’t have to.

This need has driven some fathers to take second jobs, others to take jobs on the other side of the country (away from their families), and more still to work additional overtime hours.

This is quite a burden to bear… Luckily, (for fathers and families) there are ways for fathers to lighten their load…


Ensure Family Time Has Its Place Alongside Work.

Life is always more complicated when you don’t have the proper balance—your family is no exception.

Understandably, work is going to take up about forty hours a week, but even after you sleep you still have over sixty hours to make the most of! If you make your family the priority of those remaining hours, you’ll feel less torn when you go back to work and, believe me, your family will appreciate it.

Since you have sixty hours, you also have time for yourself… so do something you love! And if you can, get your kids involved—maybe they’ll love it too!

Do Your Best to Obtain a Fulfilling Job.

Sometimes, it feels like getting your dream job is impossible (although at Evolution Coaching we can help with our Career Coaching and Resume Services!), but if you can find a job that you enjoy—at least most of the time—you won’t resent the time you spend away from the rest of your life.

Another way to make the most of your job is to work from home whenever you can, especially if you spend a lot of time traveling. Getting out of the office may be all it takes to help you enjoy your job.

Keep Your Work at Work.

Try not to let work follow you home. Your time at home with your family is precious, and it disappears quickly, so don’t waste time on business calls and spreadsheets more than you have to because it takes away from the time you have for yourself and your family.

Share Your Day.

Remember that while you are immersed in your work, your family doesn’t have the advantage of seeing what you do every day. If you work long hours, it will be easier for all of you when your family understands why you’re leaving and why your priorities are what they are. Keeping your family involved in the ups and downs of your day will help all of you to feel closer even while you are away at work.

Evolution Coaching wants to help you find the career of your dreams, so your work/life balance doesn’t end up a nightmare! We are here to help with our Career Coaching Services should you need any guidance or advice!