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At Evolution Coaching, we offer Outplacement Services that can help both businesses and employees alike. Our career counseling and assistance will help displaced employees discover that career changes are NOT career ending! Downsizing employers benefit from showing genuine concern, saving unemployment costs, and maintaining a positive public image in difficult situations!

Our highly-trained Outplacement Service Experts, with a collective knowledge of several industries spanning all career levels, will provide invaluable Resume Writing, Career Coaching, and support to help with the transition process. Our clients typically accept new position offers within 1-3 months of working with us! That’s right… 1-3 months – not the national average of 6-8+ months!

Evolution Coaching’s Outplacement Services can be customized to include the creation of Professional Resumes, Cover Letters, and/or Interview Coaching with a Certified Career Coach.


What Are Outplacement Services?

“Outplacement” is the effort made by a downsizing company to provide the Career Transition Support affected employees need to re-acclimate themselves to the job market and obtain a new job. Outplacement Consultant Companies, such as Evolution Coaching, are hired by the employer to provide this support and assistance. It is typical for this service to be included in an employee’s severance package.

The world of Outplacement has evolved dramatically since its entrance into the Career Services industry in the late 60’s. Outplacement Firms have since adapted to the steadily-growing need for transition support as employers downsize their workforce in difficult or uncertain times. As a result of this popular service among employers, most Outplacement Firms are now providing virtual assistance; this provides the flexibility employees need to meet with Career Coaches/Advisors, Career Transition Experts, and Outplacement Consultants who will help them land a new job quickly and easily. Not only does this approach create flexibility and efficiency, but it also creates cost savings for the service. Virtual Outplacement providers (i.e. online Outplacement Firms) can pass on substantial savings to the employer without having the high costs of a brick-and-mortar location to build into the custom Outplacement quote.

Although there are different needs for employees of various industries and career levels, you will typically find 3 main offerings in an Outplacement Package from specialized companies. These are: Professional Resume Help, Individual Career/Interview Coaching, and Group Coaching. The difficult process for employers is not choosing whether to offer this service, but choosing the best Outplacement Firm to work with their displaced employees. As an employer, you want to make sure you are getting a return on investment for the upfront cost of services from Outplacement Firms.

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    Why Are Outplacement Services Important?

    In today’s economy, layoffs and corporate downsizing are a complicated, yet frequent, occurrence. The employer needs to plan carefully and implement a strategy that ensures the business can sustain both as an effective organization and reputable entity within its community. For the employees who have been displaced and unemployed, they may find themselves feeling that they have few, if any, options for re-employment. For the employees who remain, productivity levels may start to drastically decrease as uncertainty permeates its way through the workplace. Layoffs and downsizing are tricky situations that can leave many individuals frustrated and anxious!

    In addition to helping with displaced employees, Outplacement Consultant Firms also work closely with employers and HR departments with regard to the strategic planning, implementation, and post-layoff actions needed to keep the business moving forward. To learn more and receive a custom quote, as an employee or employer, please fill out our contact form to the right. As one of the most trusted Outplacement Companies, our President will personally contact you to discuss your needs and create an action plan so we can help!

    “Working with Evolution Coaching was a great experience for me. Their expertise with resume building and career coaching made me stand out even more and my resume has received great reviews from potential employers. Their advice with every aspect of the process was amazing. If I had any questions, concerns or ideas, we worked together to best represent me as a professional. We celebrated as I received interviews and I ultimately got a job within a month of starting the process! I would recommend working with this company to those I care about and I thank them for their continued support.”

    Nick M.

    “I have had the same job for 15 years and the resume was that old too. After researching what resumes look like today, I decided to hire a pro. Not only did they have the right stuff, my writer was very patient while I went back and forth with things that I THOUGHT should go on the resume, but he gave me great reasons why they should not. I am very busy, so did not put a great deal of time into my own resume. That’s OK because my writer kept on plugging until we got a final product. I have had three interviews already in my desired field and location, and I am only getting started. I feel very confident with my tools from Evolution Coaching and am very grateful to my writer for his guidance, wisdom and professionalism.”

    Holly H.

    Why Choose Evolution Coaching for Outplacement Services?

    We are Industry Experts.  Our team consists of Certified Professional Resume Writers and Career Coaches who have each had several years’ experience excelling in their field.  We have the top talent to deliver top quality for you!

    We Define Integrity.

    Your employees will enjoy a completely transparent experience with our team members.  We are honest, hard-working, and the most passionate team you’ll ever know!  Their success is our success!

    We Offer Superb Value.

    We guarantee you will not find better quality and service for your employees – whether they need help with a job search, need resume help, or need to improve interviewing skills.  Our client satisfaction rate is 99.2% and most clients report receiving job offers within 1-3 months of working with us!


    We Create Partnerships.

    Our clients are our family.  Expect a relationship built upon two-way dialogue, honesty, and trust.  We are here to provide the one-on-one, personalized support necessary to achieve the next step in one’s career!

    We Work For You.

    We are here to create solutions to make your employees’ lives easier and more fulfilling! When they work with us, THEY are our priority.  We’ve helped countless clients achieve their dreams—what’s stopping you from creating success?  Let’s get started!

    Ready to Learn More?

    We’re here to help! An Outplacement Consultant will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the solutions we have for you!